• J.F. Skubis

Leftist Maggots, Hard Right Dickheads, and the Mighty Majority

Sensationalism! It's everywhere! I probably sucked you into this article with the sensationalist title. We're now in a place where we've unconstitutionally fined and jailed small business owners, let many criminals run free so they don't get sick (no relation to the forthcoming looting), have allowed paid "protestors" to disrupt otherwise peaceful protests and turn them into riots accompanied by looting sprees, which is undermining the whole reason for the protest, and to top it all off people now seem to be compelled to apologize for their skin color or be branded a racist. It must be an election year!

Now, I know what you're thinking. Actually, I don't- that may be part of the problem. Remember assuming makes an ass out of you and me! A lot of folks are assuming that they know things. We're living in an outrage culture where people don't wait for facts and they don't have any time for critical thinking. In fact, we are being pumped full of negativity nearly 24/7 due to the advancements of technology and the omnipresence of social media. It's a strange dystopian world where there are two camps and hardly no one in the middle. We are set for an infinite war, an endless struggle of who is morally superior. Who will come out on top? Who will reign supreme?! Probably the extremists who own all of the media companies and the politicians who are in cahoots with them.

I have a theory, now it's just a theory so that does mean I could be wrong. I've been wrong plenty of times and I will continue to be at times, but that's ok. We learn best when we make mistakes. So here is the theory. The American people are being taken advantage of for material gain from a small group of folks who have created systemic divisiveness amongst the populace. Outrage culture is highly profitable, not only that but it makes the masses pretty easy to control. Let's break this down into simpler terms.

Can we create something new through destruction? Some will say yes, that in order to create you need to destroy something. I understand the philosophical underpinnings of that but in actuality in order to create something you need to be creative, not destructive. Destruction leads to division. If you're destroying and dividing it's impossible to make something. Creation begets creation and that only happens through cooperation. The population of the United States is being systematically divided. Remember that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Abraham Lincoln said that, but he got it from Jesus. As far as I can tell those dudes were pretty smart.

You see we're caught in a logic loop where one side tries to convince the other on the same 5 or 6 issues over and over. The bickering becomes more extreme and people become more entrenched in their opinions. The divide grows and pretty soon we're all seeing the world as some hopeless place where nothing can possibly ever improve and everyone is either for us or against us. Here's a happy fact, that's not how life is. I've traveled to about 60 cities over the last couple years and, I'm about to blow your mind here... I didn't have one knock-down drag-out fight, be that verbal or physical, in all of those experiences. Crazy huh?!

Here's what I've learned. Though the media will have you believe everything is either black or white, most of life is gray, like really, really gray. If you talk to someone long enough you find that at some point there is something you totally disagree about, but it's odd, somehow you can still like them and respect their opinion. Now we're all highly focused on the far left or the far right, but what about all the people in the middle? There isn't two camps in life, it's not Left or Right, Democrat or Republican. It's a spectrum, more like 98% of us are in the middle somewhere with our own unique blend of opinions, feelings, thoughts, and dreams. Who represents those people? Though we may be divided on a few issues it doesn't mean we cannot work together to make better lives for us all. The vast majority of people, let's call them the Mighty Majority, all want the same things. They want safety, they want peace, they want the opportunity to better themselves, they want the ability to provide for their families, they want to share experiences with people they care about, and they want to feel loved.

Who is representing this Mighty Majority? No one it seems. You can walk into nearly any store right now and have about 30 different choices of laundry detergent, but when it comes to elections you get 2 choices. A or B, Left or Right, Democrat or Republican? If anything, that should outrage you. Turn on the news and find that there is no news on the news. Kinda freaky, am I right? You see the news used to be about facts. People would report the facts and then shut up. Then you were allowed to discuss it at home or in the workplace and come to your own conclusions. How strange would that be?! Coming to your own conclusions. No sir, not me. I want my stances predigested and spoon fed to me so that I may parrot them endlessly and create angst in the world.

Now, more than ever, it's very important that we think critically. Which is kinda hard because the education system has gotten away from teaching that. The education system is now more focused on standardized testing and memorization. Odd, it's almost as if there's some sort of plan behind all of this... but that's a blog for a different day. Thinking critically, keeping calm, and taking time to discuss things is the only way to advancement. This gives us the opportunity to find a better way forward. Isn't that really what this should be about? Moving forward and improving upon what has come before. You can't do that through division. You can't do that through parroting predigested opinions of others. You can't do that without critical thinking. You can't do that without listening. You can't do that without respect. You can't do that without waking up and realizing that there are people out there profiting from keeping you divided. We decided a while back that separate but equal is bullshit and we should not stand for going back to that!

Now, I don't know what the right answers are but you can sometimes reach the right answer by ruling out all the wrong answers. Seems like we have seen a lot of wrong answers lately. I don't think people apologizing for being born a certain color is part of the answer, in fact that seems pretty racist. I don't think you can solve racism with more racism. I don't think you can prevent all injustice, it's just not possible, but you can civilly discuss the need to do better and try your best with new practices and more understanding. I don't think you can build a stronger and more fruitful community through allowing those communities to be destroyed. I don't think you can have a better world if you are also making it a shittier place to live. I don't think politicians have your best interests in mind when they can make a lifelong career out of it and become wealthy and powerful by doing as such. I don't think you can improve a situation by focusing on what keeps us divided. I don't think sensationalism benefits the Mighty Majority. I don't think you can improve the world through virtue signalling... sorry Hollywood!

I do think there are a lot of people who want to do good and be better but aren't sure how. I do think regardless of what happens we can cooperate and create a better future for everyone. I do think our unique differences make the world a great place to live. I do think when I woke up this morning the birds were still singing, the sun was still shining, and the Mighty Majority was still wanting the same things, a full and meaningful life. I do think the Mighty Majority, that 98% in the middle, can get there... together.



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